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We repair

iPhones and smartphones

Depending on the damage, we can repair your iPhone at your location in 30 minutes or less. If you have a smartphone we can usually repair it on the same day.


We repair most tablets including iPads. However, we can’t repair these on location for safety reasons.


We also offer PC, Laptop, Mac and MacBook repairs. We aim to fix these devices at your location, but we usually have to carry out the repair at our workshop.

Other devices

Whichever device you have, we will always try to find a way to fix it. Contact us to ask about a specific device you would like repaired.

Our services

Why choose us

Quality guarantee

At Tech Guys Manchester we believe that if you buy cheap, you buy twice! We don’t use cheap parts and products for our repairs, so we’re able keep our prices reasonable and competitive.

Business services

We provide professional business to business services and can include invoicing, receipts and quotes.

Customer service

All of our staff are trained in delivering exceptional customer service. Take a look at our customer testimonies and see for yourself!

Privacy policy

We respect our customers and pay special attention to the privacy of your data. No information from your devices will be transferred to a third party.

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Certified experts

We fix all the popular brands

Our technicians are familiar with all the popular brands, so you can rest assured that your devices are in good hands.

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